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July 12, 2020

Your Tucson, AZ, home’s roof protects the entire structure from moisture damage. A punctured roof is difficult to spot because the damage is small and localized. However, that puncture goes through every layer of the roofing system, putting your home at risk. Read on to learn some common causes of roof punctures and how to avoid them.

Service Providers

You may have service providers accessing your roof in order to install cables, wiring, a satellite or other utilities. If they drop a tool, it could puncture your roof. Workers cleaning your gutters, repairing your chimney or getting rid of a pest could puncture your roof while walking on it. A careless roofer or insurance adjuster could also puncture your roof during an inspection of your property. If you have service providers accessing your roof, ask if they can do the work from a ladder or stand on the ground and use binoculars for inspections.

Careless Activity

If you or your neighbors are outside and throwing a ball or darts, they could puncture your home’s roof. When enjoying outdoor activities, do them far enough from your home to avoid roof damage.

Severe Weather

According to FEMA, airborne debris is another possible cause of a roof puncture. While Tucson isn’t at risk of hurricanes, strong winds from thunderstorms could pummel a roof with debris. Tornadoes, dust devils and haboobs may also cause puncture damage to your roof. A sudden strong gust of wind could set aloft a tree branch or metal object and drive it through your roof. While you can’t stop the weather, you can take action by looking at your rooftop after a storm and arranging an inspection if you suspect there’s damage.

To learn more about the causes of roof punctures and how to prevent them, check out Crest Contracting Roofing’s roof repair services, or call us any time.

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