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One of the most commonly used roofing materials on commercial buildings is sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF for short, also referred to as “foam”). The foam consists of a combination of two components – polyol and isocyanate.

How It Works

Both components are pumped through a spray gun that drives the materials onto the surface of the roof while simultaneously heating the foam. Foam is effective in insulating the roof (from both the cold and heat) because tiny air bubbles become trapped in the foam. Research shows that when compared to other roofing systems, foam roofing can lead to energy savings of more than 30 percent or more.

What Are the Advantages?

Aside from the great insulation, there are several benefits when it comes to using foam roofing:

  • Seamless and flexible – Because it goes on as a liquid (expanding only after it has been applied) you receive a seamless, continuous protective barrier around your pipes, vents, and any other protrusions on the roof.
  • Environmentally friendly – Foam is good for the environment in several different ways. Because it can reflect heat (with the proper coating), it can drastically reduce the heat in urban areas. You also have less waste and repair because foam requires a minimum of upkeep.
  • It is lightweight – When you compare it to traditional roofing materials, foam only weighs approximately one-eighth. Not only does this allow the architectural design to be more flexible, but it also reduces the need for structural reinforcement. If there is less weight to carry, less structural reinforcement is necessary, which means more overall savings.
  • It is durable – Aside from the fact that it requires minimal repair and maintenance; foam is also very resistant to storm and weather damage.
  • It makes financial sense – Not only does foam roofing cost less than most commercial roofing alternatives, but you also save on labor costs because it is easy to apply.

It Gets Our Seal of Approval

At Crest Roofing, we have worked with foam more than three decades. It is undoubtedly our favorite type of roof, when it comes to repair. It is not only easy and lightweight to work with, but it allows a tight seal that protects your roof from the elements. That means less work for us, and a happier customer.