Commercial Metal Roofing Specialists Serving Tucson, AZ & Surrounding Areas

Metal roofs, galvanized, corrugated sheets, have been the roofing material standard in some of the best metal sheds and barns for countless of years. However, because of its many advantages, its popularity in commercial buildings throughout the southwest continues to grow with every passing year. Especially in areas that see a lot of snow, metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular. Because the snow tends to glide off the galvanized, corrugated sheets, it means there is less build-up on top of the roof. Metal roofs, typically made of copper, aluminum, or steel can have a very attractive look to them.

Perhaps the largest advantage that most commercial properties benefit from when using a metal roof is the fact that it is made up of extremely light material. When compared to other roofing materials, it weighs anywhere between one half or one quarter as what other traditional materials might weigh.

Other Advantages of Metal Roofing:

  • Fire-resistant – Especially with a code-compliant underlayment, the metal roofing option is especially resistant to fire.
  • Aesthetic appeal – There are a few attractive options available with metal roofing, including copper, zinc, aluminum, and of course steel. It can come in many different looks, including metal vertical panels, metal shakes, metal tiles, and metal shingle/slate.
  • Moss resistant – In areas with high precipitation, including moss prone or forested areas, metal-roofing materials can be particularly useful.
  • Tough – There are some problems that plague southwest roofing. Metal roofs are extremely resistant to heat, high winds, snow buildup, and hail. Even during the monsoon season, it can shed rain easily.
  • Long life – If you invest in metal roofing, you are investing in a long-term option. When they are properly installed, these can last upwards of 50 years.
  • Environmentally-friendly – In some cases it is possible to recycle metal roofing materials after they are no longer able to be used. This means that even after 50 years of use, they may still be recycled into something else.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

There is almost no maintenance required with metal roofing. The only thing that may have to occur occasionally (done from the ground) is hose down the roof. However, while it is virtually maintenance-free it is important to have the roof repaired by professional roofers if it ever does take damage because of storms or high winds. That is the best way to prevent further damage or water leaks.