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For every type of roofing material that goes onto your roof, whether it is tile, shake, modified bitumen, asphalt, metal, foam, or other, the very last layer to use is the coating substance. The coating can be a number of materials, including rock, granules, cement, polymers, asphalt, polyurethane, rubberized aluminum, aluminum, or acrylic – there is a seemingly limitless number of options. The coating placed on a roof tends to be elastomeric and extremely durable. These materials resemble rubber when it comes to their elasticity and can mold back into their original shape if they are hit or struck by something. This means the roof can rebound from debris, branches, or hailstones hitting the roof.

Why Would You Coat a Roof?

When it comes to commercial roofing, many project managers wonder why coating is necessary anyway. After all, there are already three (or more) layers on the roof. You have an adhesive to keep it all together, the roofing material itself, insulation, and a waterproof membrane. Is that not enough? Why even bother with a coating? The straightforward answer is simple – to prolong the overall life of the roofing materials that you are paying for.

Prevent the Degradation of Your Roof

Whatever roofing material you select is going to take a beating because of general wear and tear and weather conditions. The roof coating’s main purpose is to protect against that. However, it can add a number of different benefits as well. For example, the granule coating on asphalt shingles will make sure that the shingles do not stick together when they are transported, it provides fire resistance, adds color and beauty, and protects the shingle from UV light. In short, it takes care of many needs at once.

It’s the Most Important Step in Maintenance

If you overhear professional roofers talking about roof maintenance, most of the time that means they are talking about refreshing the coating. Because the coatings offer protection and take the beating so your roofing materials do not have to, it is a good idea to add a new layer of coating periodically. This will help save on energy costs, protect your roof from damage, and prolong the overall life.