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April 5, 2019

A normal indication of a roofing problem is water damage on the ceiling or worst, water dripping inside your house. Once you see the damage inside, you may be in for a major expense of a complete Tucson roof replacement. Watching for early warning signs will save you both money and hassle. Here are some potential problems to watch for.

  1. Splitting and/or Blistering – The intense sun of the Tucson & Arizona summers can cause the roof membrane under the shingles to shrink, crack or blister. Left unattended, the water barrier between your roof and the elements can become compromised and result in leaks
  2. Leaks and Water Damage – The same result as we discussed above can also be caused by other factors. Mold and rot can weaken the wood structure of the roof, allowing water to pool up and stand. Gravity will take over when water pools up and find a way into your home.
  3. Foundation Damage – Most people don’t realize that damage to your house’s foundation that it can also cause damage to your roof. If you feel like your roof has sustained damage for no obvious reason then it is best to contact roof professionals to take a look before you repair the roof.
  4. Animal Damage – Termites are a major cause of structural damage to your home. They eat away at the roof’s materials and can allow sags in the roof that damages the roof membrane. If you find that your home is suffering from a termite infestation, it may be worth checking out something like Termite Control Kansas City to make sure that termite colonies don’t damage your roof. Small rodents, birds, and insects can also weaken the roof structure.
  5. Overhanging Trees – Tree limbs that hang over the roof are another common source of problems. Tucson’s monsoon storms can generate strong microbursts that can easily uproot trees or break off large limbs. These dislodged limbs act like a dangerous projectile aimed at your roof. If they don’t penetrate the roof’s surface, they can still do hidden damage that can result in leaks from the weakened structure.
  6. Improper Installation – All roof installations are not equal. Poor workmanship can shorten the life span of the roof. Some issues may include poor adhesive application and wrinkles in the felt can result in shorter than the normal life expectancy of the roof. Check the reviews and ratings of your Tucson roofing contractor before hiring one.

With over 30 years experience, Tucson Roofing Contractors Crest Contracting, Roofing Division, is locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured. We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible, the first time around.

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