Metal Roofing Specialists Serving Tucson, AZ & Surrounding Areas

Durable and quick to install, metal roofing is an increasingly popular choice for commercial and residential structures in southeastern Arizona. Available in a variety of metals, the long-lasting roofs add aesthetic appeal to your home or business too.

Stylishly Functional

The primary purpose of any roof is to maintain the integrity of the building in all types of weather. As attractive as they are functional, metal roofs get the job done in high style.

  • Metal roofing is perfect for buildings in areas that experience snowfall, as the snow tends to fall off the roof in sheets.
  • Monsoon rain slides easily off metal roofs, safeguarding your wallet against damaging leaks. It’s also extremely resistant to heat, wind and hail.
  • Metal roofs are a versatile option too. Up to half as light as other roofing materials, they work with virtually any structure.

Metal Roofing Style Options

As your local metal roofing contractors, we install metal roofs in a broad range of metals, styles and colors. Material options include steel, aluminum, zinc and copper. Metal roofs with traditional vertical panels are always popular, but they’re not your only choice.

From shingles that mimic the look of a shake roof to clay-tile designs, metal roofing is adaptable to every architectural style. There’s a wide array of colors available too. Our metal roofing specialists can help you select the product that matches your preferences to perfection.

Adding up the Benefits of Metal Roofing

Longevity is one of the main advantages of metal roofing. When installed by our qualified metal roofing contractors, your new metal roof should serve you well for upwards of 50 years. The recyclable material makes metal roofing an environmentally friendly option too.

Once installed, metal roofs require little upkeep, so you’ll also save money on maintenance and repair costs. All that is needed is to hose the roof down periodically to keep it in pristine condition. Should you need help with an unexpected repair, our qualified roofers are available 24/7 to respond to your call for service.

Lightweight, durable and attractive, metal roofs offer multiple benefits. It’s no wonder that metal roofing continues to grow in popularity in southeastern Arizona year after year. Is it right for you? For more information, schedule a free consultation with Crest Contracting Roofing today!