Modified Bitumen Roofing Specialists Serving Tucson, AZ & Surrounding Areas

An economical choice for flat and low-slope roofs, modified bitumen (MB) provides durable roofing for structures throughout southeastern Arizona. Discover what makes this modern new take on traditional asphalt roofs such a popular option in the Tucson market.

Flexible Strength

An improvement on time-honored asphalt roofs, modified bitumen is a relatively new type of roofing. Thanks to the addition of modifiers like rubber or plastic, MB is stronger and more flexible than its traditional counterpart. The modified membrane is also reinforced to improve its strength and stability. Its superior water resistance makes MB an excellent choice for structures with low-slope or flat roofs where ponding can be a problem.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Installations

The success of any roof installation project depends on the expertise of the roofers who install it. That’s especially true when new technologies are at play. You need roofers who understand how to apply MB so that it will withstand the climate challenges of southeastern Arizona. Our qualified roofers apply six layers of protection when installing MB roofs.

  • Base sheets are installed to form a solid foundation for the MB membrane.
  • Reinforced carriers of modified bitumen membrane are applied over the base sheet.
  • Applied hot or cold, an adhesive agent is used to bond all the layers together.
  • A layer of insulation is added to increase stability and improve energy efficiency.
  • A reflective coating is applied to protect the surface against UV radiation.
  • Flashing is installed around edges, vents and mechanical equipment.

Benefits of Modified Bitumen Roofing

When it comes to commercial applications, modified bitumen roofing is one of the most economical options we offer. Our mastery of MB technology allows us to install it quickly and efficiently. While modified bitumen roofing typically lasts for around 20 years, our roofers can apply coatings that can extend its lifespan. Resistant to splitting and thermal shock, MB requires little maintenance. Most importantly, its waterproofing qualities take the monsoon season in stride.

The strength and durability of modified bitumen roofing make it a great option for commercial roofing. For a free estimate on a professional MB installation, contact Crest Contracting Roofing today!